Peter Spann argues that there’s plenty of misinformation around online marketing. The problem is that small and medium-sized businesses that don’t get the facts right about web marketing are unable to make the most out of it.

Here, we look at some of the untruths that may be hindering the way you’re using the web to promote your business goals:

SEO is Not Useful Anymore and Everyone’s Fine Without It

It is not correct to suggest that SEO is no longer a viable online marketing approach. As facts stand, SEO has just evolved and improved due to Google and other search engines modifying their crawling bots and software in order to deliver more meaningful search results to their users. For instance, there’s a time mobile responsiveness wasn’t a ranking factor, but it’s become relevant these days, making it vital for web marketers to incorporate it and stay on par with current SEO changes. Read more about peter spann info here!

Massive Web Traffic is All You Need

Obviously, the main objective of SEO is to maximize visits to your enterprise site. But in certain cases, massive web traffic may be useless to you on top of dragging you backward, as per Peter Spann marketing advice. Thus, pay attention to the value of the traffic, not just the numbers. Measure the value of your web traffic based on its origin. Rather than be traffic-spammed or have paid visitors reach your business site, are you sure you’re getting authentic visits from real, potential customers?

Social Media is Not Viable for Your Type of Business

Virtually all peter spann marketing content you’ve created can do better if you incorporate social media activities. For instance, you may use Facebook or Twitter to share an article posted your business website and have more people read it, widening brand exposure. There’s the misconception among some businesses that social media is not proper for the kind of work they do, potentially leading them to not have any social media engagements. As a result, such businesses miss out on a great opportunity to grow their audience.

Using Many Keywords is All it Takes

Although SEO still needs keywords, their application must always be fair and natural. So, you won’t increase your SERP ranking and optimize traffic to your website by using the same keyword in every one or two sentences. In fact, keyword spamming in content creation is a black hat SEO trick, which may actually end up ruining your site’s reputation with Google.

No matter what you hear, always don’t believe unfounded website marketing stories! In case your online marketing approach falls short of your objectives or you think you’re not doing it right, Peter Spann is there to provide in-depth insights.


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